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100 Best World Dishes

100 Best World Dishes


From Tom Yum to French toast, the poster will help you to choose a new dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, will decorate your kitchen or living room, and will also be a useful gift for lovers of national cuisines and fans of good food.

Choose a dish, cook it (we’ll send you a digital sheet with all of the recipes), or try it during your next travels. Then, gently scratch away the golden layer to reveal a vibrant full-colour illustration underneath—and to mark your achievement. Challenge yourself to try all 100!

    What foods are on the poster?

    Our list includes iconic and beloved dishes from various cuisines, showcasing a vibrant mix of appetizers, main courses and desserts. We aim to capture the essence of global gastronomy and inspire culinary exploration!

    Paper, Size & Packaging

    PAPER: Paper weight: 265 g/m², sourced from Japan.

    PAINT: The top scratchable layer features red-coloured accents and the special formula of the paint makes it very easy to scratch off (unlike other posters you can find in the market), so you can keep track of your anime journey with ease. 

    SIZE: standard 30 cm x 40 cm size.

    PACKAGING: unframed poster is packaged in a cardboard tube that controls the poster from any bending. Framed poster comes already framed and wrapped in protective material.


I ship most orders on the next business day. Delivery times:

    • EU: 3-7 days
    • UK: 5-14 days
    • US: 7-20 days


    What are scratch-off posters? 

    Scratch-off posters are special posters that have a layer of scratch-off material that covers a list of items or images. You scratch off the material to reveal the image or item underneath, creating a fun and interactive way to keep track of your achievements.

    How do I scratch off the material? 

    To scratch off the material, simply use a coin or a guitar mediator/your nail, gently rub the material until it comes off. 

    How do I hang my scratch-off poster? 

    You can use 2-sided sticky strips or pins to attach the poster to your wall, or you can frame it for a more polished look.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Jonas M.
    100 Best Dishes

    The poster is of excellent quality. The pictures are bright and beautiful. I started cooking according to the list based on the cooking time (it is very convenient that it says the time). Prepared the dish even a bit faster than stated on the poster! Quality frame.

    Armin Müller
    A must-have for anyone’s home!!

    I'd recommend this poster to anyone who loves food and wants to recreate *that* experience of trying food from a different culture for the first time… and from your own kitchen!

    Quirin Hofmann
    Fantastic quality!

    The illustrations look incredible and so appetising!
    It all scratches off very easily and now I no longer struggle finding ideas for what to cook in the evening. 10/10

    Mia Keller
    Great to discover new foods!

    Thank you for introducing me to so many new dishes I wouldn't have tried otherwise!

    Lena Becker
    Love the selection :)

    Love the variety of dishes included. It's been a fantastic conversation starter at dinner parties